Recent placement

In the past two years our PhD graduates have successfully obtained postdoctoral and tenure-track positions at various prestigious universities in Europe. Additionally some have pursued careers in non-academic sectors. Below is a chronological overview.



Academic placements

Sébastien Laffite               

Assistant Professor (Chair Professeur Junior), CY Cergy Paris University

Thibault Richard

Postodoctoral Research Fellow, IESEG

Non academic — Public Sector     

Aymeric Ortmans

Economist, Banque de France




Academic placements


Julien Monardo                    

Assistant Professor, University of Bristol (Postdoc at Telecom Paris, 2019-2022)

Non academic — Public Sector     

Bastien Alvarez                    

Economist at the General Directorate of the Treasury (DG Trésor), French Ministry of Economy and Finance.


Contact information

Placement Officer

Michael Greinecker

Placement Assistant

Akiko Azzopardi