Master of Finance / Overview

The Master of Finance of Paris Saclay is a two-year program providing operational skills both in economics and in management. The first year (M1) provides the main tools and analytical foundations in the fields of corporate and market finance. It is followed by three second-year prpgrams (M2):

  1. Banking Finance,
  2. Strategic Engineering and Financial Innovation,
  3. Risk and Assets Management.

The three options differ in terms specific courses and professional opportunities.

The link with the job market is insured by our partnerships and several professional integration workshops. M1 students do participate to spring/summer internship programs. Depending on the chosen specialisation option, M2 students work part-time by our partners (contrats d’alternance) or participate to spring/summer internships.


The teaching faculty has been chosen in order to provide students with solid academic foundations and the acquisition of skills directly linked to market practices. The team includes:

Professors and researchers specialized in market finance, risk management and quantitative techniques
High-level professional speakers from banking institutions, management companies or consulting companies: Amundi, Société Générale, La Française LFIS NAUMOVIC, ECB, Natixis, BNP.

The master in practice

The language of the program is French, except for the M2 program in Assets and Risk Management, which is in English.Courses take place on the Evry campus or on the one in Sceaux.

Application procedures and entry requirements are program specific. You can find all information, together with the detailed list of courses here
More information on finance programs at Paris Saclay.

Members of the pedagogical Committee

Head of the master program

• Eleni ILIOPULOS, Head of the master program

Other members

Philippe GILLET, Head of the M2 in Strategic Engineering and Financial Innovation (RITM, Paris-Saclay University)
Jerôme HÉRICOURT, director of the M2 in Risk and Assets Management (CEPS, University of Evry-Val d’Essonne)
• Marlène ISORE, Head of the M1 in finance, campus Evry (CEPS, University of Evry-Val d’Essonne)
• Nada MSELMI, Head of the M1 in finance, campus Sceaux (RITM, Paris-Saclay University)
• Fabrice PANSARD, director of the M2 in Banking Finance (Paris-Saclay University)


Admission procedure

Students should hold a bachelor either in economics (économie, économie-gestion), in management (gestion), in mathematics or a double bachelor in economics and mathematics. Please visit the admission website (in French) indicating for application here.

Contact information


• Eleni ILIOPULOS, Head master program
• Philippe GILLET, Head M2
Jerôme HÉRICOURT, Director M2
• Marlène ISORE, Head M1 in finance (Evy)
• Nada MSELMI, Head M1 in finance (Sceau)
• Fabrice PANSARD, Director M2

Administration office

Nathalie MUREAU, campus in Evry
 Florence PEYRE campus in Sceaux