Grants & Fundings


French government funding program (Investissements d'avenir)

CEPS is full member of the Labex MME-DII (Economic and Mathematical Models of Dynamics, Uncertainty and Interactions), a consotium of departments at different universities, who was awarded €4,5 millions. This was awaded through the second call for projects of the Investissements d’Avenir program from the French government.

See the dedicated Labex website


ANR Grants

CEPS faculty members received substantial support from the French National Research Agency (ANR), through high compeitive call for proposal, to promote their research.

Project title
Signaling in Auctions and Mechanisms: Theory and Experimental Evidence   SIGNAL   2020-2025       Olivier Bos   SIGNAL
Facilitate public Action to exit from peSTicides   FAST   2021-2026   Vincent Martinet (co-PI, coordinated by Julie Subervie, INRAE)   FAST
Linking National and Regional Income Inequality: Cross-Country Data Harmonization and Analysis        REGINEQ   2020-2024   Gregory Verdugo   REGINEQ



Other Grants

Fundation Agency
Europlace Finance Research grant   Networks and the dynamics of financial crises   2019-2020   Hubert Kempf



IUF fellowship

Junior/senior member


Olivier Bos   Junior member      2016-2021
Hubert Kempf   Senior member   2011-2016




Morgan Patty          2nd Thesis prize in economics, Chancellerie des Universités de Paris          2022
Grégory Verdugo   Théodore Ozenne Thesis Prize, Académie des Sciences et Belles-Lettres de Toulouse   2010
Jérôme Héricourt   Prize of the Young Researcher in Economics, Fondation Banque de France   2009