The Centre for Economics at Paris-Saclay (CEPS) constitutes a federation of research units of economics at Paris-Saclay University, CEPS-ENS and EPEE, and comes along with the research unit for Agricultural Economics (PSAE).

It is located on two campuses, both around 25 km from Paris:


The CEPS research activities cover broad areas in economics around three fields :

This dynamic is reinforced by : 

  • Competitive third-party funding from the French National Research Agency (ANR)
  • Doctoral fellowships and PhD Track supported by our funding institutions, ENS Paris-Saclay, University of Evry-Val d’Essonne and Paris-Saclay University.
  • A publicly financed Laboratory of Excellence, the Labex MME-DII (Economic and Mathematical Models of Dynamics, Uncertainty and Interaction), through a consortium of departments at different universities.
  • The MSH Paris-Saclay (Maison des sciences de l’Homme Paris-Saclay), a research structure financially supporting, promoting and disseminating research in humanities and social sciences within the Paris-Saclay area.

Graduate School

The CEPS actively takes part of the Graduate School of Economics & Management at Paris-Saclay University, combining departments and research units with different backgrounds and diverse horizons. This pluridisciplinary is the intrinsic nature of the PhD programme, based on a research pedagogy, providing pluralism and consistency. Altogether together they form the required excellence PhD programme on which the CEPS is based.

Information about our students available on the market is here and recent placements can be found there.