PhD Prgram / Overview

Our doctoral programme is an international PhD Programme, organized within the Doctoral School Law, Economics and Management (ED DEM).

PhD candidates are intensively trained, following 100 hours of advanced lectures, providing them the foundations of theoretical and empirical methods for the writing of scientifical articles, and therefore their PhD thesis. They benefit from the dynamic scientific environment of the CEPS, participating to the academic life of the research groups (link), attending regular seminars (link), participating to the yearly PhD workshop and international conferences, and therefore getting the opportunities to learn and share their research with a dedicated research team. Along their PhD, they are closely supervised by a CEPS faculty member, along with a PhD committee constituted by another faculty member and one external researcher.

Our doctoral programme is designed to lead for academic positions, and train economists for international organizations and private sector.
Interest students are invited to contact Jérôme Héricourt as early as possible.

Job Market Candidates
Recent Placement

Phd Defended in 2022

Thibault Richard
30 November 2022
Essays in Behavioral Economics
Under the supervision of François Pannequin

Sébastien Laffitte
29 August 2022
Essays on Tax Avoidance and Tax Havens
Under the supervision of Farid Toubal

Jordi Planelles Cortes
25 March 2022
Optimal environmental policy in an integrated global production network
Under the supervision of Maria-Eugenia Sanin

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Jérôme Héricourt

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