Leaving the market or reducing the coverage? A model-based experimental analysis of the demand for insurance

François Pannequin (ENS Paris-Saclay)



This study develops a theoretical, and experimental analysis addressing the issue of premium variations on the demand for insurance. Accounting for risk attitudes, our contribution disentangles the decision to buy insurance from the conditional demand (the non-null demand for insurance). Partially validating our theoretical predictions, our experimental results show that, when it has an effect, a non-massive increase in the premium (either in the unit price or the fixed cost) exclusively results in an exit from the insurance market (the risk lovers first, then the risk averters). Moreover, our study highlights a key feature of risk-seeking agents’ behavior; they exhibit behavior consistent with gambling and opportunism rather than a lack of interest in insurance.

Co-authored with Corcos A., and C. Montmarquette.