Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Research Faculty

Assistant Professor

University of Evry-Val-d’Essonne


Office: 302 ( Château La Fontaine)


Phone: +33 1 69 47 79 22


Research Interests

Environmental and Energy economics, Sustainability, Financial markets, Microfinance



Working Papers

Does European Primary Aluminum Sector is Exposed to Carbon Leakage? New Insights from Rolling Analysis

Economics Bulletin, 37(1), 614-618, 2017

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

EU Emissions Trading Scheme, Competitiveness and Carbon Leakage: New Evidence from Cement and Steel industries

Annals of Operations Research, 225(1-2), S.I.: Energy And Climate Policy Modeling, 47-61, 2017

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

On the Economic Determinants of Biofuel Consumption: An Empirical Analysis for OECD Countries

International Journal of Global Energy Issues, 2017

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Economic Growth and Renewable Energy in Iran

Iranian Economic Review, Issue 4, Autumn, 2017

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Environment-Energy-Growth Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa: the Role of Intermediate Goods

International Economics, 156, 254-267, 2018

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Agricultural Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Evidence from Jordanian Economy

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(11), 2018

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

The impact of microfinance on energy access: A case study from peripheral districts of Lomé, Togo

Applied Economics, 4927-4951, 2020

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Microfinance et pauvreté : évidence empirique pour les quartiers périurbains de Lomé, Togo

Revue d'économie du développement, 29, 79-116, 2021

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Are Green Bond and carbon markets in Europe complements or Substitutes? Insights from the activity of the power firms

Energy Economics, 104, 2021

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Investor Strategies in the Green Bond Market: The Influence of Liquidity Risks, Economic Factors and Clientele Effects

International Review of Financial Analysis, 81, 2022

Mohamed Amine Boutabba

Green Bond market vs. Carbon market in Europe: Two different trajectories but some complementarities

Recent trends in Financial Engineering-Towards more Sustainable Social Impact, World Scientific, 2022

Mohamed Amine Boutabba