2022 CEPS PhD Meeting

Dec 02, 2022, 09:00

ENS Paris-Saclay / Building South-West / 1st floor, Room 1B36


This workshop is dedicated to the current and previous CEPS/EPEE PhD students available on the job market in 2022-2023. They will present their job market paper, and could meet the full faculty beyond their field to benefit from their experience and gather advises.

Attendance is opened to non-affiliated faculty. Registration is then required by November 21st.


ENS Paris-Saclay
Building South-West
1st floor, Room 1B36

Organization Committee                           

Olivier Bos
Grégory Verdugo

Administrative Support & Registration Office

Akiko Azzopardi
Christelle Lebosse


9h00 Welcome Coffee
9h30 – 10h20 Session 1 (Chair: Marlène Isoré)
Aymeric Ortmans
(University of Evry-Val d’Essonne, with Stéphane Lhuissier and Fabien Tripier): The Risk of Inflation Dispersion in the Euro Area

10min Break

10h30 – 11h20 Session 2 (Chair: Michael Greinecker)
Wei Bi
(Paris School of Economics): Market for Talent under Asymmetric Information

11h20 – 11h50 Coffee Break
Location: 1st floor, Espaces G. Simondon

11h50 – 12h40 Session 3 (Chair: Natacha Raffin)
Thibault Richard
(ENS Paris-Saclay): The Nature of Heterogeneity in Risk Attitudes: Evidence from a High-Stake Experiment

10min Break

12h50 – 13h40 Session 4 (Chair: Jérôme Héricourt)
Sébastien Laffite
(ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles & ENS Paris-Saclay): The Market for Tax Havens

13h40 Lunch
Location: Ground floor, Le Kfé

14h40 CEPS/EPEE General Meeting

15h10 Goodbye Drink
Location: Ground floor, Le Kfé